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PENANG is an land rich in tradition and customs from a diverse range of ethnicities.

Like a bowl of sweet and sour yet exotic fruit, the Island of the Betel Nut is the ideal destination for those who pursue a lifestyle of art.

The picturesque landscape and vibrant culture offer the perfect canvas for artists and their masterpieces.

Yet within this island, so many tales of creativity and talent remain untold and hidden.



Timura is not the story of an individual. Nor is it about that one unique brand.

We simply seek to embrace the heritage of Penang.

Timura is a collection of fables not yet told, stories of talent left unnoticed.
We are the narrator. - Each craft by our artisans is a meaningful story. A story worth to be retold over many generations.


Step into Timura and be inspired by the culture of Penang. Each piece is an authentic expression hand-crafted by our artistic and talented artisans.

Whether it be a handicraft, painting, batik, vintage or decorative item, we can ensure you it is of the highest quality. We welcome you to bring home a piece of our craft as a memento of your wonderful vacation.

Enjoy your experience in Timura.



Timura clients - We would love to work with you to meet your individual requirements. Timura can help you with gifts and products for:

Business clients   |.  Visitors and dignitaries   |.  Business contacts while travelling   |.  Staff incentives and retirement gifts   |.  Unique artworks and design elements for the office   |. Events and conferences

Contact our friendly staff for help with your personal projects.